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Here you'll find a selection of some useful bushcraft items, we feel could be of use to bushcrafters old and new.

We'll also be offering hand crafted tools and leathercraft, plus kits for fire lighting etc

Have a browse through the images, and if you'd like to order anything, please send us an email, and we'll send you details on post and packing and how to pay.

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*Update April 2012 - Trading through this page has been suspended for the time being due to supply issues. Some stock still remains and you are welcome to contact me on the off chance that it is available. It is hoped that trading in hand-made and proven products can resume as soon as is practicable.*


Fire Gel coming soon Flint & Steel coming soon Multitool coming soon Signal Mirror coming soon Flint, Steel & Compass coming soon Bunjees coming soon Tindercard coming soon Wire saw coming soon Handwarmer coming soon Survival Bag coming soon

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