Red Dragon Bushcraft offers courses and bespoke tuition in Bushcraft, Primitive Living Skills and Survival Techniques. Customers are guaranteed a bespoke service tailored to meet their specific requirements.


FAQ - Everything you want to know and more

Here's a list of the most commonly asked questions (plus a few more you may be too shy to ask). We hope you find what you're looking for. If not just drop us a line and we'll be glad to put your mind at rest.

I have no experience of Bushcraft or survival skills, can I still come on your course ?
Of course you can. I’d love to be the person that introduces you to the skills of Bushcrafting. You need to do nothing more than appreciate the natural world and be prepared to learn a few of the skills that will enable you to enjoy it more
Are your courses safe?
We aim to keep our courses as safe as possible but being outdoors, using edged tools and creating fire, there will always be an element of risk. Prior to undertaking any activity, the instructor will show you the safest way of doing it and will watch that you are as safe as possible. Horseplay and dangerous actions are likely to result in robust action.
Will I have to eat worms and insects?
Not unless you really want to – they are after all a good source of protein, I do not want you to do anything you might find unpleasant.
Do I have to kill animals for food?
Again, if you wish to do so and have the necessary permission, you can do. Some courses might require that you practice dispatching techniques and field expedient butchery, but the course introduction will mention it if it is intended to be included.
Do I have to be 18 to own knives and sharp tools?
Yes, this is a requirement of the law. Any sharp tools necessary will be provided by Red Dragon Bushcraft to use when needed.
Who will be teaching me?
Our Instructors all share the same ideals and we hope to make your course an enjoyable experience, though I may “Hire In” another instructor if their area of expertise will be of greater benefit for the course at the time.
Will I be far from my car?
It will depend upon the premises and the course being attended. The whole ethos is getting back to nature – Being away from the trappings of the modern world puts everyone on an equal footing and minimises the distractions caused by it.
Can I bring my mobile phone?
Well, if you must. If you feel that you need to be contactable whilst on your course, please turn your ringtone "off". Use of your phone during the course will distract other clients and it is likely that you will miss important information. Mid Wales has dubious reception for many mobile phone companies - I cannot guarantee reception in the area where the course will take place.
Do I need to bring any equipment?
Courses are run as an introduction to bushcraft skills, newcomers are asked to bring nothing more than an open mind. You might want to take a look at this list for things you might want to bring.

Suitable clothing & footwear

Shell layers (waterproofs) if necessary

Hat, scarf & gloves if you consider them necessary

Notebook & pencil


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