Red Dragon Bushcraft offers courses and bespoke tuition in Bushcraft, Primitive Living Skills and Survival Techniques. Customers are guaranteed a bespoke service tailored to meet their specific requirements.

How it all began


Hello, I’m Pete Williams, and ever since joining the Cub Scouts way back in the 1970's, I’ve had a fascination with the outdoors; camping, mountaineering, and more recently, the collection of primitive skills, known as “Bushcraft”. I enjoy being comfortable whenever I’m outdoors, whether it’s a walk with the dog, or a week of backwoods camping, I like to be able to use the local surroundings to keep me warm, sheltered, fed and watered. Being able to use nature’s bounty to remain comfortable, means that you carry knowledge, rather than many kilo's of "Essential Kit" and supplies.

...Spending time outdoors can improve your mood and outlook on life...


Our stone-age ancestors would not have colonised this wonderful land of ours, if they were cold, wet and hungry all of the time – and it is these early ancestors that developed the skills that have remained viable for many thousands of years. Modern technology has tried its best to eradicate these original skills, yet still they shine through as dependable and valid. It is a small selection of these skills that I would like to pass on to those clients who want to experience the adventure and thrill of living closer to the natural bounty that surrounds us.

In May 2008 I had the opportunity to visiting Ray Mears' own Bushcraft School - Woodlore - for a Fundamental course. It was a busy week with barely any spare time, but the information flowed thick and fast from their superb staff and I feel that I have learned a huge amount. I would like to offer my thanks and my best wishes to the staff at Woodlore and to my fellow students.

Since that time I have run workshops in many different types of bushcraft skills, assisted on a number of camp events and teach regularly with a well know Bushcraft Internet Forum at their annual summer event.

So where do we go from here ?

I invite you to take a step outside our hectic lives to revisit our natural surroundings which brings many benefits. Sometimes referred to as “Eco-therapy” for people suffering from “Nature Deficit Disorder”, spending time in a natural environment can improve your mood and outlook and bolster flagging energy levels. It can also relieve tension and stress and reduce the confusion of modern day living.

In these times of financial strife, we can learn to use the natural surroundings to compliment our busy lives, harvesting the occasional meal from the hedgerows or learning to "Make Do and Mend!" rather than endlessly consuming the worlds resources. Many people are seeing the benefits of living a simpler life, a life that turns away from the consumer society, prefering to reap the emotional benefits of living in closer harmony with our natural surroundings.

Some Credentials;

I am fully committed to ensuring that you recieve the best experience possible when you spend time with Red Dragon Bushcraft - and to that end I have been gathering qualifications and experince for a number of years. These include;

Armed Services Instructional Techniques course.

Commercial "Train the Trainer" courses with BTEC college, Hampshire.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Colleg Powys, Newtown, Powys.

Current Military "Methods of Instruction" course through the Air Training Corps.

I am going through the regstration process of becoming a First Aid Trainer and Assessor for the ATC.

I hold and maintain a current Outdoor First Aid Qualification as well as having attended courses in "Manual Handling", "Fire Safety", "Health & Safety Risk Assessment techniques" .

If you have any queries about these or other qualifications, PLease do not hesitate to contact me.



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